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We had already created a number of web sites for individual Bed and Breakfasts and Guesthouses. During that time we had a look over some of the directories and were left a little confused by many, frustrated by some and downright annoyed by one or two.

It wasnít always easy to browse or search for a Guest House in a certain area. Sometimes the search options were limited or failed to work at all. So while we were looking we came up with the thought that we could do better, certainly better than the majority.

Well, it's easier to say than do, so after quite some time here we are, the is finished and starting to get populated though it is very early days. We hope to have enough Bed And Breakfast places listed in a few months to offer a more comprehensive B&B Search.

Rather than list locations with no B&Bís, we have created the site so that links will only show to those locations where there is accommodation available. As Bed and Breakfast guesthouses add themselves, so the links and breadth of the site will slowly but surely increase.

We have aimed to make the process of finding a suitable Bed & Breakfast as easy as possible. Aimed to allow each Guesthouse to add as little or as much information as they choose to.

There are plans to expand upon the options available and several of these are in the process of being created. We would love to hear any comments or suggestions you might have, let us know what you think of the site.

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